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Before sending your folding box to press, our pre-press department will proceed with the imposition layout of your project file and perform a quality control check.
Our specialists will make sure the final format is respected and they will dispose the various elements so as to maximize the printing of your product and, hence, reduce losses and costs. This is the stage where you can choose various processing elements and types of finishes in order to enhance your final packaging. Finally, the resulting imposition layout will be used to produce the plates required for the actual printing.
  • Unique expertise
  • Imposition layout
  • Quality control
  • Respect of final format
  • Processing elements
  • Finishing
  • Varnishes/coatings
  • Plates
LMI - Expertises en pré-impression de boite, brûlage des plaques destinées aux presses, imposition et contrôle de la qualité