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Our ecological promise: Think green on a daily basis!
Deciding to be an eco-friendly company does not only mean choosing ecological materials or paper that is either certified PEFC, FSC or recycled. It means that we have to take concrete actions on a daily basis with regard to sustainable processes that allow us to reduce our environmental footprint, without compromising the quality of our products or the cost of our services. Choosing to opt for H-UV technology, which is much more energy efficient, has allowed us to considerably reduce our ozone vapour and CO2 emissions by about 25% compared to traditional UV presses. By eliminating the protective varnish/coating stage, the materials that make up your packaging are not denaturalized and they conserve their original properties. No longer using drying powder also helped improve our specialists’ working environment. There are fewer strong odor emanations and the air inside the plant is much cleaner. We have decided to use vegetable-based inks; they are made from raw materials derived from plants. These inks are composed of vegetable oils, resins, as well as pigments and additives. Furthermore, with our choice to use water-based varnishes, we once again limit our impact on the environment. For many years now, we have adopted a recycling policy. For example, we recycle paper and carton waste which is then sent to recuperation centres where it is transformed in paper paste. We also recycle all the aluminum plates used on the presses as well as any obsolete electronic equipment. Doing business with LMI Packaging, means you will be sure that your decisions and your commitment to the environment will be respected and that your printed folding box packaging will be of superior quality, all the while respecting the environment. Thinking green, also means choosing LMI Packaging!
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