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Certification FSC®

LMI Packaging is proud of its FSC certification! We are contributing to the health and sustainability of our forests and people and wildlife that live there. This certification guarantees our customers that the folding box packaging we produce is made of materials that come from a forest and a supply chain that are responsibly managed. Choosing to work towards FSC certification allows us to make more ethical and eco-friendly choices. This certification lets us not only participate in the fight against climatic change, but also contribute to the healthy management of forests and the protection of their ecosystems. With this certification, consumers can follow their products from the forest right up to the retail counter. As a holder of this certification, we must undergo rigorous audits to make sure all the control measures are in place within our company, in order to avoid that good materials are not mixed with fibers of unacceptable sources.
  • Wildlife (fauna) preservation
  • Wildlife (flora) preservation
  • Ethical and responsible choices
  • Fight against climatic change
  • Enhanced standards
  • Protection of the ecosystem
  • Traceability
  • Rigorous audits