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LMI H-UV Ecoprint

As with all the additions to the production chain made by LMI Packaging over the years, the installation of two Komori H-UV presses offers printing quality, high reliability, as well as excellent, economical, and environmentally-friendly performances. A TECHNOLOGY WITH MANY ADVANTAGES
  • Can reach a speed of 16,500 sheets per hour.
  • Uses dryers or intermediary lamps (interdecks) allowing opaque white ink to be applied for printing on coloured paper, transparent plastic supports, foil support: gold, silver, mirror, etc.
  • Instant drying of inks on difficult supports and papers: offset papers, bulk papers but also plastic supports like PVC or polypro (matte laminating, soft touch laminating).
  • Drastically lower energy consumption than traditional UV printing.
  • No ozone depletion at the drying stage, thanks to H-UV technology.
  • H-UV technology generates very little heat, thus ensuring a dimensional stability to the printing of your visual communication supports. The printing remains on the surface.
  • No more anti-offset spray still used in traditional printing shops.
  • Shorter delays.
  • H-UV printing allows for a greater colour gamut: simply put, the printing quality is better and the mechanical dot gain is lower than traditional printing process.
  • With H-UV print technology, varnish coating is needed only to enhance the product as a value-added touch. It allows us to preserve the true essence, nature and structure of the paper. With these possibilities, you can let your graphic design express new avenues!
  • The printing process allows high ink saturation.
The H-UV technology provides luxurious printing at a lesser cost. Colours are superimposed for unmatched printing density. The result is an impeccable finish; the brilliance and luminosity of H-UV are superior to that of traditional offset printing.